About The Y Collection

Our vision is to ‘Extend healthy living’ with a mission to provide a healthier future and healthy ageing for all! We created ‘The Y Collection’ range of products that delay the ageing process through the control of gut inflammation, offer a healthier ageing future and help with some common troubles along the way. 

Jelena Vulevic - (Ph.D.) - Human Gut Microbiota

George Tzortzis - (Ph.D.) - Gut Microbiology and Glyco-biotechnology

Dr Jelena Vulevic and Dr George Tzortzis at their Phd graduation

Our Story

The Y Collection founders, Jelena and George, have spent most of their lives pursuing an unrivalled passion for holistic health solutions. They’ve known for a long time how fundamental gut health is to overall human health.

In the winter of 1999, while running experiments for their doctoral studies at the University of Reading in the UK, Jelena and George met in front of an anaerobic cabinet while growing gut bacteria and became friends, sharing a passion for gut health, asking questions, and punk. 

At University, Dr Jelena Vulevic says “I read old documents on Greek philosophers who opined that diseases originated from the gut. I discussed the link between food, gut microbiota and human health, and the impact of the microbiome more systemically, but this research avenue didn’t exist at the time and was rejected.”

After a few years of wandering in the emerging microbiome space, they began work on, and drove the development of what later became the most researched and well-established prebiotic, still, on the market – Bimuno (Clasado Biosciences). 

The success of Bimuno was beyond what was expected. The reviews from people feeling healthier, happier, calmer, and looking better than ever, are a testament to what Jelena and George have known for so long.

Dr Jelena Vulevic and Dr George Tzortzis in the lab

Following some unpleasant gut inflammation related health challenges, in 2019 Jelena and George decided to form veMico Ltd and bring forward all those years of knowledge, research and experience of the wonderful world of our gut microbiome and its interaction with our immune system, into solutions that control gut inflammation.

From there, The Y Collection was born. 


The Y Collection range is home to Jelena's & George's latest and greatest innovations, taking the powers of Bimuno to levels previously unimaginable. Their success comes from good gut health science and good philosophy.

The Story Behind The Y Collection

Dr Jelena Vulevic and Dr George Tzortzis in 2022

Your gut is not your body. It's an inner environment. There's no "good bacteria" inside the body. They'd kill you if they got there. Gut microbiota exist in the inner gut environment. You may have heard of the power of probiotics and prebiotics. These are vital to good gut health, some more than others.

Gut health and the microbial connection has always fascinated us with their complexity and the important place they have occupied in our human evolution and function. It is indeed through gut bacteria that several nutrients from our diet are extracted and become available to our body. It is also gut bacteria that we would use to ferment raw food into functional food, which is still part of our diet today. Gut bacteria are also the drivers of our immune function, playing the most important role in training our immune system function when infants and dictating our digestive, metabolic, endocrine and brain function, throughout our lives. And as it is now emerging, they most probably also have a saying on how long and how well we live as they influence our ageing rate. We therefore have a great respect for gut bacteria and their role in health and disease. 

While everyone has been focused on the gut microbiota composition, our experience shows that complex ecosystems, such as the one consisting of the gut microbiota and its host, are notoriously hard to analyse in a way that allows for drawing meaningful conclusions and identifying effective solutions. Since the functioning of the Gut microbiota and microbiome cannot be fully characterised by the behaviour of each constituent element, we have decided to shift the focus from the gut microbiota composition to how the host senses and reacts to the existing gut microbiome. Influenced by the principles of the survivorship bias and the well-known gestalt concept, The Y Collection’s products consist of specific gut microbiota-derived signalling molecules that are naturally produced and continuously processed by local immune system cells to monitor the overall state of the gut content (including the gut microbiota) and initiate appropriate functions that regulate gut inflammation.

We strive to keep our work unique and smart, with room for a little bit of magic.


The single biggest cause of the majority of biological ageing problems is gut inflammation. Applying cutting edge science and ancient Greek philosophy, The Y Collection uses Bifidobacteria to target gut stress, as this inevitably leads to gut inflammation.

We know that gut inflammation causes problems far beyond bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, and excessive gas production. Gut health is directly linked to stress and anxiety, fatigue, depression and sadness, body pains and aches, sleeping problems, skin problems, and obesity. Bifidobacteria depletion is strongly linked to all of the above.

Gut and skin supplements. Featuring active ingredients from powerful Bifidobacteria probiotics:  To train the immune system for optimum immune fitness, to create a healthy gut environment and optimise healthy biological ageing.

Our latest innovation, Y GUT sensitive, gives your gut world class stress training, with a special focus on the colonic environment.

Our founding product, Y SKIN, gives your gut world class stress training, with a special focus on the Gut-Skin Axis.

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