Our ultimate aim, is to make ageing healthily a reality for all.

Making good health accessible is really important to us. Any little or large way that we can do that, from improving skin appearance to treating cancer, makes it feel like good health is within reach for everyone. Our ultimate aim, is to make ageing healthily a reality for all. Harnessing the impact of the gut microbiota on our immune system function and overall health and wellbeing, just happens to be the easiest way, we can do that.

  • The Y Collection

    Health & Beauty from within

    Our products address the cause of your of your health issues, not just mask their symptoms.

  • Backed by Science, not buzz words

    20+ years each studying the microbiome, we're not just on the cutting edge of microbiology, we are pushing it forward.

  • Recognised & acclaimed

    With recognition from publications including NetDoctor, Health, NutraIngredients, Glamour, Body & Soul, The Huffington Post & many more.. Our innovative approach has been revered by the industry.

We're uniquely postioned.

Leveraging our unique knowledge of the gut microbiome and its interaction with our gut and immune health, to create anti-inflammatory, natural, food grade powders that can slow down the ageing process.

Our founders, Dr Jelena Vulevic & Dr George Tzortzis have spent most of their lives in pursuit of wellness. Starting in 1999 at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom, they have been thinking, questioning and researching gut microbiota and its influence on our overall health and wellbeing, for more than 20 years.

They have discovered that the secret to good health is hiding in plain sight and just three basic elements can make or break our health:

The Gut Microbiota

The Mucosal Immune System

Their communication through Signalling Molecules

A commitment to balancing them, and the immune system will not only maintain health, but in many cases treat disease as well.