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Y Skin


The Y Skin formula features active ingredients from a probiotic Bifidobacterium, clinically proven to enhance immune fitness, help to promote a healthy intestinal environment and youthful skin.

The right biotic for the job.

We are all different and one person’s healthy microbiome might not be healthy in another context. Other biotics support mainly your microbiome while our formula features Bifidobacterium active ingredients, that bridge the gap between your microbiome, lifestyle and genetics, helping promote a healthy intestinal environment, immune fitness and youthful skin as shown in several clinical studies.


Bifidobacterium breve complex carbohydrate extract, Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose/HPMC (Vegan Capsules).

Each pack contains 30 capsules.

How to take

Take one (1) capsule once or twice daily, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner. There is no need to refrigerate as there are no live bacteria.

A note to first-time users.

Our body does what skincare products offer, naturally. Our products don’t mask symptoms; they support the body in performing more functionally.
During the first week of taking Y Skin supplements, users may experience more stomach rumbling than usual and possibly some excess wind and nausea.

This is a sign that the supplements are interacting with your gut and these symptoms will stop, usually by the end of the first week.


The Y Collection enhances immune fitness and supports gut health to aid beauty from within. Scientists have known since 340BC that gut health is key for a healthy living. Recently, biotics (probiotics, prebiotics and, synbiotics) have attracted significant attention as a way to support gut health.
What we aimed to target was a way to use the gut-skin axis to our advantage.

Our Y Skin formula features clinically studied active ingredients from the probiotic Bifidobacterium that trains our immune system and helps promote a healthy intestinal environment that brings along a broad spectrum of health benefits including higher immune functionality, longevity, and youthful skin.

  • Improves skin barrier function
  • Balances sebum
  • Improves skin sensitivity
  • Balances Immune and Endocrine systems
  • Improves skin barrier function
  • Suitable for all ages

The Results

90% of users in our consumer research study found that they had healthier, glowing & younger looking skin after just 30 days.

A consumer study within the age group 39-65 with a min monthly spend of £30-£50 on skin products were invited to complete an online pre trial survey. The Y Skin (30 day pack) was posted to 79 who completed the survey.

After using Y Skin for 30 days, the consumers described their skin as,

”My skin looks smooth and clear, to me it looks so much better and glowing”

“It’s soft, hydrated and has a glow”

“It's glowing! Honestly I'm amazed”

“My skin feels less dry and healthier”

The following are the results of the Consumer trials.