Y GUT sensitive - supplement for digestive health
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Gut supplement - Y GUT sensitive
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Y GUT sensitive - supplement for gut health
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Y GUT sensitive
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Y GUT sensitive

Withstand gut stress and gut sensitivity.

Develop overall health and wellbeing.

What is Y GUT sensitive?

Y GUT sensitive is a revolutionary gut health supplement that nourishes your whole body from your gut.

Taken daily, Y GUT sensitive:

  • Develops a gut lining with unrivalled strength, efficiency, and stress tolerance, for powerful gut repair and function.
  • Restores a healthy balance between your gut bacteria, gut immune system and gut barrier, minimizing gut inflammation under stress.
  • Optimises the communication between your gut and brain, improving stress, memory, learning, energy, sleep and mood.

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Size: 30 Day
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12 Day

How is Y GUT sensitive different from other gut health supplements?

Y GUT sensitive shows how vital gut health is to overall human health. A healthy gut has profound benefits far beyond feelings of good digestion. Gut health is directly linked to stress, memory, learning, sleep, mood, and the health and performance of all organs in our body.

Y GUT sensitive is the only product on the market that directly addresses all three components of gut health:

Gut Motility

The ability of the gut to move.

Gut Microbiome

Single-celled organisms living inside your gut.

Gut Immune System

The ability of the gut lining to protect us from what it’s exposed to.

Y GUT sensitive is designed to bridge the gap between your gut bacteria, gut health and overall human health. No other product on the market directly addresses ALL THREE components of gut health: Gut Motility, Gut Microbiome and Gut Immune System.

How it Works

Feeds Your Good Gut Bacteria

Y GUT sensitive provides targeted prebiotics that promote a diverse microbiome that is essential for healthier gut, strengthening brain function and overall wellness. Y GUT sensitive nourishes essential probiotics that have been shown to drastically reduce gut stress and symptoms of a sensitive gut.

Promotes Balance

Y GUT sensitive supports gut barrier function and the delicate balance between the gut microbiome and gut immune system, warding off unwanted microbes and preventing the accumulation of toxins; this is vital for a healthy gut and overall health and wellbeing.

Overall Health & Wellbeing

Taken daily, Y GUT sensitive will elevate your overall health, whilst drastically reducing gut sensitivity from stress, and irritation of the gut from eating and drinking habits, food intolerances, stimulants such as coffee, hormonal factors, and digestive distress.

Y GUT sensitive elevates your overall health and drastically reduces gut sensitivity from stress, and irritation of the gut from eating and drinking habits, food intolerances, stimulants such as coffee, hormonal factors, and digestive distress.

Ingredients & Directions


Y GUT sensitive is derived from bifidobacteria probiotics, specifically targeting the gut barrier function and Gut-Brain Axis. Glucomannan regulates gut motility.

Y GUT sensitive is a simple, natural, vegetarian, and highly effective formula with no fillers:

  • Bifidobacterium breve beta-Glucans
  • Bifidobacterium breve (GOS) Galacto-Oligosaccharides (Prebiotics)
  • Glucomannan

How to consume

  • Pour 200 ml of water or other beverage of choice onto 2.5g (app half teaspoon or a leveled The Y Collection spoon) powder.
  • Add powder first then the liquid for easier mixing.
  • Alternatively, mix in your smoothie, yoghurt or sprinkle over a bowl of cereals.
  • For best results take daily and ideally before food.
  • If new to taking this product, it is advisable to start with 1g dosage and slowly increase to 2.5g dosage to prevent abdominal discomfort while the magic is happening.

Nutritional Information

Nutrient 2.5 tsp
Energy 5.9 kcal
Carbohydrates 2.3g
- Fibre 2g
- Total Sugars 0.3g
Protein 0.01g
Total Fat 0.07g
- Saturated 0g
GOS 1.3g
beta-Glucans 0.2g
Glucomannan 1g
Y GUT sensitive is a simple, natural, vegetarian powder that features active ingredients from a probiotic Bifidobacteria that promote healthy gut, reduce GI symptoms and strengthen barrier function..

What To Expect

When taking Y GUT sensitive for the first time, it will take around 3 days to start feeding your unique and essential probiotics.

By day 4-7, you may feel some slight gurgling in your tummy. This is a good sign. Y GUT sensitive is beginning to reset your gut microbiota. However, not everyone will experience this so don’t worry if you don’t feel a thing.

From day 8 onwards, Y GUT sensitive is now consistently feeding and nurturing essential probiotics in your gut, while supporting your gut immune balance and strengthening your gut barrier function.

Trust Your Gut with Y GUT sensitive

Feel free to email us at help@theYcollection.com if you have any questions.

Y GUT sensitive - supplement for digestive health

Y GUT sensitive


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Rebecca S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


Less bloating and uncomfortable feeling, seems to help

Danijela V.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Amazing experience as a cancer patient

Living with cancer has caused many issues with my digestive system. I have been drinking Y Gut approx 3 months and my digestion has massively improved. Super easy to take with food and drink, even my kids are using it and seeing changes to their bloating. Would recommend 100%

Jan z.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


i started taking it as someone i trust recommended YGUT. i have been using it for 4 months now and the difference is unreal. i understand it’s revolutionary, though it’s now 4 months in that i get what that means. my sleep has massively improved, as has my energy levels. i used to have anxiety issues and they just aren’t there anymore and my diet has improved, i have this new momentum in my life that is improving every element of my being, i am speechless and incredibly, INCREDIBLY thankful.


Less irritation

After using YGUT for a month, I can say that my irritation symptoms have improved. Im very happy with the result so far and hope to see more improvements as I continue. My only slight issue is that its not easy to dissolve in water so I usually mix it with yogurt.

Marie S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Would recommend trying it

I bought Y GUT for my 26 year old daughter who has struggled with gut issues for a couple of years now. She has been using it daily in her smoothies for just over a month and it does help her a lot. I dont have problems with digestion but will probably now include this product in my routine for overall health. would recommend trying it