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What is a Gut-Brain-Skin-Axis?

There is an undeniable relationship between gut health, mental health and the skin and although this is not a new area of research, it has become an important topic in dermatology, psychology and gastroenterology alike.

The gut and the skin are organs with crucial immune and neuro-endocrine roles and are uniquely related in purpose and function, protecting us from external challenges. One of the main regulators in the Gut-Brain-Skin axis is how the gut microbiota communicates with the immune system to regulate systemic and local inflammation that in turn impacts both mental and skin health.

An impaired gut barrier function allows bacteria and their metabolites to enter the bloodstream having a big impact on our overall health and including the appearance of your skin, in the form of spots, inflammation, eczema and rosacea.

After all, our skin is the mirror of our health.

What is the gut barrier, and how does it work?

Structurally, gut consists of a single layer of epithelial cells laying down the basic architecture of the gut. This continuous layer of epithelial cells is an important site of defence barrier, physically and biochemically, against foreign substances. The gut barrier is more than a mechanical barricade; it also takes part in gut immune responses that can regulate the diversity of bacterial species, counteracting harmful bacteria and cooperating with beneficial ones.

A fully functional gut barrier is the key to gut health, barricading the body from microbes, toxins and allergenic proteins. With over 100 times the surface area of your skin, the gut is the largest exposed external surface on your body. Daily, it deals with the food you eat, the molecules you breathe, and at times, the potential toxins that look to get in. If your intestinal lining is damaged or compromised, substances that do not belong in your body can enter the bloodstream, triggering responses in the body such as infection, inflammation, allergies, irritable bowel, migraines, pain, fatigue, and more.

So how do I make sure my gut is healthy?

The gut is a very complex ecosystem with trillions of bacteria, millions of neurons, 70% of immune cells and a constant supply of nutrients that are further processed before presented to the body. The dynamic interaction between microbiota and immune cells defines our health.

Within the gut, barrier and gut microbiota are two crucial factors affecting local and whole-body health.
The study of the microbiome radically defines our sense of self. We once thought ourselves fully human, but now we know we are superorganisms, walking, talking ecosystems-half human and half microbial, constantly interacting. Make sure they are balanced by taking care of both.

Y Skin, focused on the human part of this interaction with a little help from the microbial part, is the channel for attaining gut health and immune fitness that will manifest itself in a
healthy and youthful skin.

Why are regular biotics different from Y-Skin?

The two factors affecting gut health are the gut microbiota and the gut barrier function.

Over the last 20 years, the focus of biotics has been on the microbiota composition, aiming to achieve a healthy balance that will positively affect our body’s functions. Within this
approach, a specific group of bacteria, Bifidobacteria, have been playing a key role. They are effective when we are infants in training our immune function but reduce significantly as we age.

Interestingly enough, those bacteria have the ability to support our health through specific active ingredients (signalling molecules) that maintain our gut barrier function by preventing the accumulation of inflammation in our body.

Y Skin delivers those molecules to complement existing biotics and/or orchestrate the gut immune responses, in order to support the gut barrier function and promote gut

Why the 'Y' in our logo?

The Y in the centre of our logo represents a distinctive and the unique shape of Bifidobacteria that resembles letter Y (called bifid) from which their name comes from. The dots represent the radiating welness associated with a good gut health. 

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